“Laura was tired and she was late. Sarah had kept her talking in the office and then, because Sarah needed a shoulder to cry on, she’d gone with her to a wine bar to talk things through. Now it was almost nine o’clock and Laura just wanted to get home. The traffic lights stayed obstinately at red. She drummed her fingers impatiently on the steering wheel. Rain lashed down on the windscreen.

A car drew up in the lane beside her. A four-wheel drive with tinted windows. Huge and dark and menacing. A monster. It loomed over her, music pumping – a heavy beat pulsing against her driver’s window, drowning out the rain. It stopped very close to her, far too close, with its bonnet stuck out aggressively in front. She didn’t look across, kept her eyes straight ahead, but she had the feeling that the driver was staring at her.”

Reviews for Someone Out There:


“Brilliant read. I spend a lot of time reading murder/mystery, this book is one the best. Can recommend it will keep you gripped to the end. Enjoy.”


“I have just finished reading this book + I am so sad that I have finished it – what am to read that is equally as good? This book is a fast paced read which I found difficult to put down – excellent storyline. Hope that the author goes on to write more books as I for one wish to read more!”


“Brilliant, loved it from start to finish. A real page turner with lots of twists. Would highly recommend this book.”


“Fantastic, gripping, great twist to it, which had me totally shocked. Readers really have to give this a read.”


“Absolutely brilliant read I do hope the author has written more like this. A highly recommended book keeps you guessing.”


“Really enjoyed this book very strong story line. Very much a who done it with a twist in the tale. Hope there will be another book soon.”


“Enthralling story a real page turner.”


“Great read with well thought through characters, I didn’t want it to end. Please write a follow up soon.”


“As a first novel this is incredible, as good as if not better than many others in this genre. It grips you from the very beginning and it seems that almost every chapter has a new twist; I couldn’t put it down. Catherine should be very proud of this book.”


“Bought this last week couldn’t put it down l will definitely be buying the next one!”


“Absolutely brilliant, read it in 2 days. For me, better than Gone Girl as the ending really surprised me! Highly recommend.”


“Brilliant, couldn’t put it down.”


“Excellent book. Thoroughly enjoyed it.”


“Can’t put it down once you start reading, more twist and turns to the story.”


“Just finished this book it was a brilliant read. Can’t wait for the next one.”


“Really enjoyed this book couldn’t put it down.”


“Fab book, couldn’t put it down…. was gutted when I got to last page and it had ended lol…more please!”


 “Kept me up until 4am! So many suspects and so many surprises. I guarantee your jaw will drop at least twice while reading this when those secrets come out. Because believe me, they come out of left field and you don’t even see them coming.” 


Stuffed with tension, drama, betrayals, obsession and revenge which moves at a really good pace…. I found it so hard to put down, the kindle went everywhere with me – and I really do mean “everywhere”.


“Everything a great psychological thriller needs. Thrills, chills, twists, great characters, tight writing, and deep dark secrets from the past…..a veritable Roller-coaster ride of heart-racing thrills.” 


“I really felt for Laura and could feel her fear, and the slight paranoia that was starting to emanate from her.” 



“A powerful read that will keep your mind and heart racing…” 



 “Exciting and terrifying thriller.” 



“Just had to wake up early so I could finish this before my day began! What an ending!” 



“….terrifying twist near the end of the novel….” 



“This is a story of obsession, deceit and revenge – all the best ingredients for a ‘can’t put it down’ book!” 



“Hunt’s experience as a journalist shines through: the story is told vividly and as if Hunt is painting a picture for a TV news story.” 



“I read this book in one day, staying up into the night to finish because I couldn’t stand the suspense of not knowing what was going to happen. I loved the main character, Laura.”



“Remarkable…. I cannot wait to see what this author comes up with next”



“This book has a complex plot, plenty of suspicious characters and enough misdirection to keep the suspense building until the very end.” 




Harper Collins